SCALE AI is Canada’s artificial intelligence (AI) Supercluster dedicated to building the next-generation supply chain and boosting industry performance by leveraging AI technologies.

A business-led consortium, SCALE AI will drive economic growth, bolster Canada’s leadership in the global innovation race, create highly-skilled jobs, and accelerate the adoption of AI-powered technologies.

SCALE AI is building a revolutionary technological roadmap to develop leading-edge solutions for businesses and accelerate AI adoption in Canadian supply chains.

As a collaboration hub, SCALE AI will facilitate cooperation and help design and execute high value-add collaborative projects between partners. It will drive the scale up of start-ups and SMEs with a focus on enhancing their offerings, enabling commercialization, and providing access to broader markets.

SCALE AI will work to promote the AI and technological readiness of the Canadian workforce through a world-class diversity agenda, significant industry talent development and re-skilling programs, and by increasing the number of college and university graduates in AI and intelligent supply chains.

Canada is a major stronghold for artificial intelligence (AI) and home to some of the world's most advanced AI organizations and companies.

In a globally competitive talent market, Canada enjoys one of the most significant concentrations of AI resources anywhere in the world, particularly along the Quebec-Waterloo corridor.

Leveraging these strengths, SCALE AI wants to translate the major successes in Canadian labs into rapid adoption of applied AI into businesses. Our objective is to grow global AI champions and make Canada’s industry more competitive globally.

Supply chains (SC) are the backbone of Canada’s economy, a trade-dependent nation. The Canadian supply chain provides almost a million jobs and make up 10% of the country’s GDP. SC activities transform and move products and services, creating value for firms, suppliers, distributors, and consumers.

As the backbone of economy and trade, supply chains propel all industries and are key to growth, competitiveness, and sustainability. Canada’s supply chain enables $1 trillion worth of goods’ movement annually. Leveraging it with AI technologies will result in significant efficiency gains.

Supply Chains (SC) are being disrupted by digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). The massive amounts of data SC generate can create enormous business value by responding to a range of industrial needs (e.g., demand forecasting, product customization, sourcing, logistics, traceability, security).

Businesses need to transform and seize this opportunity. An AI-powered supply chain will boost Canada’s economy, its competitive advantage, and ability to grow sustainably. Canada is in a unique position to develop the world’s next-generation supply chain standard.

The development of a next-generation intelligent supply chain will better position Canada as a trading nation and drive productivity and competitiveness of Canadian firms who adopt artificial intelligence.

SCALE AI’s goal is to create highly-skilled jobs and prepare Canada’s workforce for the future by training and re-training Canadians to meet an unprecedented demand for digital skills.

SCALE AI will protect jobs by providing Canadian firms with a competitive edge in time to market, cost of delivery, supply chain security, and sustainability.

SCALE AI will also accelerate the scale up of Canadian businesses and foster more diversity in the workforce. We anticipate more than 16,000 jobs will be created over the next ten years with an impact to GDP of over 16.5 billion dollars. SCALE AI will transform the future of Canada.