Accelerating AI-powered supply chains

Accelerating AI-powered supply chains

scale ai is an investment and innovation hub focused on accelerating the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for supply chains.

scale ai is funding industry-led projects, triggering new industry collaborations and training leaders in the cutting-edge use of AI throughout their supply chains.

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Of thought leadersand innovators

Of thoughtleaders andinnovators

For collaborative AI projectsin supply chain

For collaborativeAI projects insupply chain

Our members

Over a hundred members including large enterprises, SMEs, academic institutions, and research centers are participating in scale ai’s hub.

Together, we’re building a stronger innovation community.

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Membership benefits

  • Obtain funding to adopt new technologies and commercialize your solutions
  • Get paired up on influential projects based on needs and competency analysis
  • Access resources, support by industry experts, and community-sourced data
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