scale ai


scale ai

scale ai’s primary objective is to boost economic development through faster adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to the supply chain networks.


Connect industries and researchers to establish Canada as a global AI development hub.


scale ai will boost productivity across industries in Canada through the integration of AI with supply chains and by building a knowledge-sharing framework for advancing technological research.


Lead the change

Helping Canada lead the world in next-generation technologies

Technological excellence

Supporting innovation and technological excellence


Ensuring equal participation of underrepresented groups in STEM


Building cross-sector network for sharing of knowledge and expertise

Funding for scale ai

Funding for scale ai

  • $230 Million from the Government of Canada
  • $53.4 Million from the Government of Quebec

Since scale ai is envisaged as a co-investment ecosystem, the government funding will be matched by investments from the private sector.

scale ai collaboration network

scale ai collaboration network

Envisioned as a consortium of private entities, academic researchers and high potential start-ups, scale ai will be the central pillar of Canada’s AI ecosystem.

The supercluster will identify cross-sector collaborative projects and provide funding as well as expert guidance for successful execution.

scale ai will shape Canada’s future in artificial intelligence

Canada is one of the strongholds for artificial intelligence (AI) and home to some of the world's most advanced AI organizations and companies.

With sustained efforts by scale ai, Canada will see hundreds of new academic courses, thousands of upskilled supply chain professionals and a highly automated supply chain network that will reduce costs and boost revenues.

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