The scale ai supercluster and industrialists start the work and launch their call for projects

Montreal, June 4, 2019 – scale ai – the AI-Powered Supply Chains Supercluster announced on May 31, at the National Congress of the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada, that it is fully operational and ready to distribute funding to the industry. scale ai therefore launched a call for collaborative projects that combine machine learning, operational research and data science applied to supply chains.

scale ai, which received $230 million from the Government of Canada and $30 million from the Government of Quebec, aims to make Canada an international leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to supply chains.

To respond to funding requests and needs expressed by industries, scale ai has surrounded itself with specialists and an independent project evaluation committee to select the most relevant ones. The granting of funds is based on several key factors such as the level of collaboration, the integration of artificial intelligence, the involvement and participation of SMEs in projects and the development potential for companies.

scale ai is launching today a call across Canada for industries with issues in their supply chains to propose collaborative projects that will have an impact on the future of their sector.

“With this launch, scale ai will be able to implement the elements of its strategy by funding collaborative projects that will position Canadian industry as one of the most advanced in the world” – Julien Billot, President and CEO of scale ai

“We have spent several months working with industry and we are very happy to launch our first activities that will call for many more in the near future” – Hélène Desmarais, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of scale ai.

About scale ai

scale ai (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence AI) is an investment and innovation hub based in Montreal. One of Canada’s five innovation superclusters, its mission is to develop the next generation supply chain and promote Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence applied to the industry. The Canadian supply chain now represents about one million jobs and more than 10% of GDP.

Nearly 120 world-class industrial partners, research institutions and other ecosystem players have joined forces to create this innovation consortium. Together, these partners have committed to more than doubling Government of Canada funding to support this unprecedented initiative. More information: